re-creation of domestic space in Fabricated Nonsense 2014

In the corner of the museum, I created a temporary domestic space with temporarily assembled furniture.

I tried to create material association to the domestic space. Instead of using found objects or furniture, I used particular materials that are commonly used in furniture and building construction. Every object and material in the installation was not permanently attached. They were just stacked on the top of the another one. In addition to the way I constructed, I left these materials in raw forms without any surface treatment to highlight the quality of the raw materials.

Through this particular strategy of the display, I intended to emphasize the temporarily of the domestic space which is the definition of  self-idenitity and home in the way I has experienced.


Porcelain, White Gold, Concrete, Wood, Aluminium Metal

FN01_resized OC2C0714 OC2C0708

Porcelain, White Gold, Concrete, Wood OC2C0709

Porcelain, White Gold, Polyurethane Foam


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